Power steering hose

Power steering hose

premier choice for car-loving people

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Power steering hose, premier choice for car-loving people

Power steering hose assembliesFor different properties, power steering hoses are classified into two types: high pressure and low pressure or return hose.

Generally speaking, high pressure hoses are fabricated by CSM. It runs well at successive elevated temperature of 270°F, occasionally up to 300°F. Due to transferring pressurized fluid, the hose should withstand internal pressure and at the same time pulsation pressure. To fulfill the task, its working pressure should reach 1500 psi. As its harsh working conditions, the power steering pressure hose are manufactured by state-of-art materials - CSM.

For power steering return hose, or low pressure hose, its tube is usually made of NBR and cover is CR for resistance to ozone, light, oils, grease oil and other adverse factors. Its operating pressure usually is up to 150 psi. Although its service condition is not as harsh as pressure hose, it is still in risk of leaking.

In recent years, silicone return hoses are popular choices among car makers for it still remain flexibility and strength at extremely high temperatures.

In addition, stainless steel 201/301 hose clamps are at stock and bespoke sizes are for special orders.

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Advanced testing equipment

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has equipped with advanced testing equipment to guarantee first-class quality and save our customers’ time and money.

Holding pressure test equipment is designed for online testing the sealing ability of power steering hose assembly. Its maximum testing pressure can reach 50MPa and the time of holding pressure is up to 9999s. Test process controlled by computer ensures real-time display of testing time, the deformation curve and test pressure. Test results can be saved automatically or be printed when required.

Auto parts servo pulse testing machine is designed to generate test data of pulsation pressure of power steering hoses through simulating actual working conditions. This equipment features automatically controlled. For example, automatic impact test, automatic record and storage of test data such as the number of impact, temperature and frequency which are operated without human intervention. With aid of measurement and control software, test pressure, temperature, curved radial frequency and pulse waveform can be printed. For car-loving people, high quality power steering hoses here give you peace of mind. If you have any problem about the hoses, please contact us.

  • testing pressure

  • time of holding pressure

  • temperature

  • the number of impact

  • frequency

  • pulse waveform