High pressure power steering hose braided by steel

High pressure power steering hose – 3 ft. length, Nominal ID. 3/8 inch
Super high pressure power steering hose with Teflon inner liner suitable for diverse solvents

High pressure power steering hose is especially suitable for oils, solvents, lubricate oils and other liquids, for it is lined by Teflon. This material is often used as inner liner for its low coefficient of friction, dielectric properties, high melting temperatures and chemical inertness.

Its cover is made of CSM which excels in resisting ozone, heat and oils. Reinforcements is braided by 308 steel for maximize working pressure up to 2500 psi. This power steering hose has a wide range of operating temperature from -50℉ to 300℉.

Product specification:

  • Nominal hose size: 3/8”
  • Outside diameter: 7/16”
  • Length: 3’
  • Packaged individually in box
  • Working pressure: up to 2500 psi
  • Working temperature: -50℉ to 300℉

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