Power steering pressure hose, 250 psi

Black power steering pressure hose assembly with 90 degree elbow
Power steering pressure hose is available for continuously high temp up to +300℉

Power steering pressure hose is available for air, fuel, methanol, hydraulics and lubricating oils between -55℉ to +300℉.

Power steering pressure hose cover is fabricated by polyester which is highly resistant to ozone, heat and oil. Its inner tube made of special synthetic rubber to withstand internal oil temperature up to 300℉. Reinforcement, made of high-quality fabric braids, can withstand pulsation pressures 1500 psi. Tube, a special formulation of synthetic rubber makes it excellent resistance to oils, heat and ozone.

Pressure hose construction gives it capability of withstanding continuously high operating temperature and pressure.


  • For air, its maximum operating temperature is +250℉. 
  • Bespoke end fittings are available for special orders.

Product specification:

  • Nominal hose size: 3/8”
  • Length: up to 110”
  • Operating temperature: -55℉ to +300℉
  • Operating pressure: 1500 psi
  • Packaged in carton or as required.

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