Low pressure power steering hose of max working pressure 150 psi

Low pressure steering hose - black, CPE construction and polyester reinforced
Low pressure power steering hose suitable for working pressure 150 psi

Power steering hoses are always in pairs - high pressure and low pressure. One transfers power steering liquid from the pump to the mechanism. While the other transfer liquid back to the pump. Both hoses work together to make the steering system operate.

Low pressure power steering hose is especially designed for low operating pressure up to 175 psi. Both tube and cover are made of CPE, which has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, heat as well as anti-aging properties. Polyester spiral reinforcement gives the hose better capability of withstanding elevated temperature up to 300℉.

Remark: Low pressure power steering hose is only available in straight long lengths.

Product specification

  • Nominal hose size ID.: 3/8”
  • Outside diameter: 2/3”
  • Max working temperature: -40℉ to 300℉
  • Max working pressure: 175 psi
  • Packaged in carton individually.

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