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Black power steering pressure hose for the high pressure side

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. concentrates on fabricating power steering hose since its foundation in 2003. Over the past years, we have set up a professional team in designing, manufacturing and distributing. Regular trainings are organized to improve their capabilities over power steering hoses.

With the development of automobiles, power steering systems are broadly used in cars, trucks, motorbikes and other vehicles for it is easy to achieve directions change. Hence, power steering hoses are in great demand. However, on the market the good and the bad mixed together and hard to distinguish.


You are lucky to find us because we always put the quality at the premier position. Our quality motto - Quality is not a coincidence, which has been deeply printed in every employee’s heart. This can be easily found in our high quality products. Each product should be 100% inspected prior to shipment and defective products can’t enter into customers’ storehouse. This method not only save customers’ money and time, but also raise our reputation. 

First-class raw materials are another vital point for quality. Since we’ve set up more than 10 years, regular and trusted supply of goods has formed. Although our vendor is worthy to be trusted, we still implement regular inspection to prevent any mistake.

We believe that our effort will gain your respect and support. We promise that our power steering hose not only gain profit but also win your reputation.

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